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Being The Right Person for Someone Who Is Not Ready

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We’ve been there.

Loving someone the best possible way we could, being better for them, doing better for them. And all along we think, yes, this is love. Because love is supposed to make you better, love is supposed to bring out the best version of yourself.

All along we’ve been there, loving someone whom we feel so strongly right for, the one we imagine going home to, waking up next to, going places with. Saying “I do” over and over because we never felt so sure, we never felt so happy, we never felt so right in our life.

But somehow no matter how much we are ready, no matter how much we are right for them, some people are just not ready for the right one. Not because you are not special or less than amazing, or too much. But most of the time, they are just not ready to receive it.

We can call it wrong timing, we can keep on waiting. But deep down, we know how much we deserve a love that doesn’t need proving, a love that doesn’t need waiting for them to see our worth.

We deserve a love that is excited for all the possibilities of who we are, who we are not, and who we could be. And in all those stages, for them, we remain to be beautiful.
You don’t need to prove you’re the right one for the right person. You don’t need to stay just so one day, they will start choosing you.

And while it hurts to meet certain people in our life who are just not ready, we meet them for a reason. To love, to know better, to hurt, to be better.

For the same reason we hurt, is the same reason we will be happy again. To love.

We’ve been there.

I hope this time, we know what to do.

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