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Finding Your Own Healing

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The past year has been truly transformative for most of us, I continue to look back at it with gratitude because of all the things it had taught me and how it managed to heal me in a lot of aspects in my life. It has clearly defined what it means by getting out of your comfort zone, and it was all so worth it.

I don’t think I’ve ever gotten to know myself as much as I did last year. Learning how to cope up with loneliness, a broken heart, fears about the future, doubts about my skills, my purpose and so much more. It was a constant battle each day trying to be positive when a lot of things continue to disappoint. I wanted to be grateful, to be optimistic and strong so much that I created my own tensions.

And that’s when I started to embrace everything as it is, allowing myself to absorb thoughts and emotions as they come and go and just reminding myself that they are valid. That whatever it is that’s been keeping me down is there and that’s okay.

I learned to be more present and started creating small good habits each day that can contribute to my own healing. Simple things that I can run to whenever I feel overwhelmed about life. Simple things that are often overlooked just because we are too busy trying to live, and forgetting what is there to live for.

I started making small good habits for my own healing such as reading books every morning, not just as a form of gathering insights but as a way to calm my mind. I got into journaling, and it has become my bittersweet escape and my personal platform to just release and let go of thoughts and emotions that have been filling me. I learned to include meditation as part of my everyday routine and it’s been a powerful tool for my mental state.

It has taught me to be more present, to be able to feel and absorb what’s in the moment, to filter down my thoughts and to just embrace the nothingness. To pay attention to each sound, light, breathing and noise around me and still remain to be at peace. I’ve never been more connected to myself each time.

It has helped me to let go every now and then, to face situations with full presence, to enjoy the little things, and to have the comfort of knowing that I can always connect back to myself when everything else starts to become too much.

These aren’t big things but small changes I started to adapt for my own healing, for my own growth. It’s an endless journey of changing, surrendering and learning. These changes I created based on my own needs and level of connection, for it is only you who can determine what’s going to heal you and how you’re going to do it.

And I hope that in the middle of all these, you keep going, and eventually you find your own healing.

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