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What Dreams Truly Mean for Me

Image © Abby Porter

I always ponder and pause whenever people ask me what my dreams are, because sure, I'd like to get a house, a nice car, 2 kids and a comfortable lifestyle. But being able to have all those someday doesn't truly define what dreams are for me. It’s like setting a limit to my happiness and the purpose I serve in this world. That the moment I have these things, I will have all I’ve ever dreamed of, and life’s all well and good.

Dreams for me, never stop. Because if you base it only on certain things and pure wins, you're setting a standard on what and how your dreams should be, which also affects how you’d want to live your life based on the dreams you’ve set and ironically defines the meaning of “wins” and “losses” in your life.

Basing your dreams, purpose and happiness on other people and other things is like trying to drive a car with someone else on the driver’s seat. You can never take full control, you can never know what’s going to happen because that is them, and not you.

There is nothing constant in this world but change, there is an end to everything. The source of purpose, dreams and happiness should only start within you, the only person you can have control of.

And as I reflect on it, I would say, that my dream is to be able to share my talents and serve a purpose in this world. To be able to do the things I’m capable of that do not only bring me joy but can also touch other people's hearts in a meaningful way. To do something I’m passionate about, something I truly love and be able to celebrate life as it is in every waking moment with the people that I love and with things that truly matter.

I know I will continue to lose along the way and continue to gain at the same time, but that makes life just even more precious. Every single thing serves a purpose, a reason. Every moment is a chance, a win, even on times you feel like losing.

Life is too beautiful. And my dream happens every day, the moment I wake up, living every single moment as I exist. Being able to experience life in all its forms. Dreaming and living at the same time.
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