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What This Journey Is All About

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As I sit here writing on this empty page, seeing cars drive by, people walking, distant noises, everyone trying to get somewhere. Somehow, no matter how much I see everything, this moment right here, I feel disconnected from the world, and it feels so beautiful.

Today, like any other day, I am reminded of all my worries. Yet somehow, my worries felt distant. Like they exist outside my circle, there but not there.

At this moment, there are probably a lot of things we wish we could have had, a lot of experience we wish we could have felt, a lot of people we wish we could have kept. It’s an endless worry of not being where we want to be or not having what we want to have. But then I realized, maybe we are meant to be here, now, at this moment, where everything seems like a blur.

Maybe we’re still not there, because we are still in the middle of our process.

Maybe this journey is not about what we want, but what we need. A time to heal, a time to discover, a time to break, a time for acceptance. Maybe this part right here is not about love, is not about winning, is not about dreams.

But maybe this journey is about you, your fears, your doubts, your growth, the endless possibilities of you.

And if we just stop running away from what is present, we can finally start getting somewhere, by being here right now. I am slowly learning how to stop chasing time and just be present, right here. Because in here I am creating, in here I am moving. In here I am present, in here I am becoming me.

My love, you are here. This is your journey.
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